The Registration Team: Making Your First Few Minutes At CoreCon Great!

If you’ve ever attended CoreCon before, you’re at least somewhat familiar with the Registration team. They’re the ones who greet you at the front desk to take your payment in exchange for your badge and a welcome packet. You probably don’t see them for the rest of the convention. So it’s got to be an easy job, right? WRONG!

The registration team is responsible for processing preregistration payments as they are purchased throughout the entire year leading up to CoreCon. They stuff every single welcome packet themselves. They have to get everything organized before CoreCon opens its doors, and there is oh so very much organizing when you have such a large amount of badges and packets. Then when CoreCon officially begins, they get bombarded by a million people (or possibly a little less than a million people) stampeding through the convention wanting to be let in now!

Despite how much work they have to do to keep things flowing smoothly, the registration team members love being the first person most con-goers interact with. They’re full of all sorts of information about what to do at the convention and how to get around. We appreciate what their team does so much that for CoreCon VIII: On Ancient Seas, we even transformed their desk into a pirate ship! 

By preregistering, you significantly cut down the amount of time you’ll have to spend at the registration desk when you could be enjoying the convention. Their goal is to get you to the fun as quickly as possible.

There are lots of different badge types available.

  • CONpanion Badge: This is a special badge which has all sorts of benefits and comes with a really cool swag bag full of treats and merch! These badges are only sold via preregistration on the website.
  • Adult Badge: These come in several flavors! You can preregister at a cheaper cost than at the door or do it in person at the Registration desk. Adults can also get day passes which are only for the day they register. This is great for people who don’t think they can spend the entire weekend at the convention.
  • Teen Badge: Teens 13-17 qualify for this badge which lets them have access to all the teen-friendly sections of CoreCon. Teenagers do not require a parent or guardian to supervise them at all times, but we have their guardian complete a form with contact information so we can get a hold of them in an emergency.
  • Kid Badge: Children 6-12 qualify for this badge. It gives them access to all the kid-friendly areas of CoreCon. Children should always have a parent or guardian with them. However, parents should also complete a form at Registration with emergency and contact information so we know who to contact if your child is lost or separated from you.
  • Children 5 and under: They get in for free!

For information on badge details, check out the Register page or contact

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