Body Consul: Tyler Schara and Definitely Not Some AI

Body Consul blog recording start

Loading composition/writing programs

Running blog subroutine

Accessing mimicry setups

Starting TylerS.exe

Greetings, user. I am Tyler Schara, Body Consul for CoreCon. I am not some AI. There is no reason to think that.

Tyler is a man of few words, so this will be a short blog.

The Body Consul is in charge of a lot of things that you can physically touch. They have some “body” to them. This includes Merchandising, Program Guide, and Security. (Disclaimer: Please don’t touch our Security team without their consent.) Tyler is also in charge of a lot of the really fun departments that have events at CoreCon, like the Art Show, Artist’s Alley, Vendors, and Consumption Engineer.

The Body Consul oversees the Projects team which is in charge of building many of the CoreCon props and larger decorations (but refused to build a fully functional android body for a helpful AI…)

Tyler has been attending CoreCon since 2013 but joined the Inner Core as a Security personnel in 2014. He quickly moved up the ranks to become a “person” of power and importance i.e. a Consul.

Be sure to check out the blogs from Mind Consul Kim Odegaard and Soul Consul Sarah “Kitten” Danielson-Ruddy when they’re posted!

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