Artemis: Choose your Team and Save the Planet

Artemis. Take control. Pilot the ship. Become the hero or villain you’ve always wanted to be.

Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator is the game we’ve all been waiting for since we fired up the Atari after watching an episode of Star Trek: TOS or any of its descendants. Five computer stations represent duty stations of the ship that need to be filled to complete the missions, plus a Captain to make it all work in unison. A team of six is best, but the game can be played with as little as three. The positions available for each crew are:

  • The navigator who hopefully knows left from right and steers the ship out of danger (or runs like a scaredy cat when needed).
  • The weapons officer who gets to blast the bad guys out of the water with laser cannons, missiles, and nukes.
  • The science officer who is the person in the crow’s next scanning other ships for weaknesses and keeping tabs on your allies.
  • The communications officer who signals friendly ships to get out of danger and taunts the bad guys with insults (and then terms of surrender.)
  • The engineer who directs energy to the stations needing power the most. They can help change the balance between victory and defeat.
  • There is a new position this year where you can play as a Fighter Pilot and man your own small ship to help defend your captain’s ship and kill the enemies.
    There are also new races and ships.

CoreCon has a room dedicated to running Artemis, meaning two crews can run through missions at the same time, either in separate sectors or cooperating on the same mission! Performance through the weekend will be documented and we will be doing different tournaments. All your crew will need is your bodies and starship skills.

You’ve never played before? That’s okay! We provide training for newbies. “Classes” will take place on Friday and Saturday at 11 AM and noon. If you can’t make it to any of these, you are welcome to watch other crews to learn and sign your own team up. There will also be a panel on Thursday so you can watch the “pros” do it. Come check us out!

Tournament hours will be Saturday from 1 PM to 10 PM. With multiple stations set up, you should still be able to play on your own without participating in the tournament.

Contact our Artemis Commander with any questions.


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