The Potato Head Project
The Potato Head Project - Spreading Hope to Families of Micro-Preemie Babies, One Potato at a Time.

2023 Charity, The Potato Head Project

CoreCon is a non-profit that assists non-profits in our area. Every year CoreCon holds a Silent Auction to raise money for that years Charity. For 2023 we are excited to announce we are raising money for the Potato Head Project.

Umm, what’s a Potato Head Project? We’re glad you asked. Science and hospitals are saving the lives of newborns that even 50 years ago probably wouldn’t make it. That’s great, but it isn’t always a quick and easy fix. Newborns that are in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) are often hooked up to so many monitors and tubes and isolated in an incubator that not even the parents can hold them. They can spend weeks to months and is an extremely tense time for the parents. That is where The Potato Head Project comes in.

The Potato Head Project sends care packages to parents. Why a Potato Head toy? Many times the toy is close to the same size as a preemie and a parent can hold that. It also gives a size comparison as the preemie grows. Sending a picture of the preemie and Potato Head together can show friends and family how big the preemie really is. (I don’t think the NICU will allow a banana for scale but I haven’t asked.) Here is what the Potato Project says

What We Do

We ship hundreds (and hundreds) of

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Heads across the country

… and we believe that the “why” is a mission

worth fighting for.

We are a group of women that have a passion for teeny tiny babes and their families. Some of us have personally had preemie babies, and some of us just want to love on those that have. 

We send care packages to families that are currently in the NICU with preemies. Our care packages are carefully curated, packed with love and filled with hope. We know that a Mr. Potato Head won’t fix everything. But behind every Mr. Potato Head is a community of people that LOVE you and want to give HOPE.

Please check out their website “The Potato Head Project”

If you have items for the silent auction please contact . You can also bring smaller items to the convention.