CoreCon Gaming

One of our sister conventions, Fargo GameFest, happens this weekend from March 23rd to March 25th. You can check out information about their event here. But don’t think that you have to contain your convention gaming to just one weekend of the year!

A big part of CoreCon has always been gaming. From the classics to the latest and greatest, we constantly expand our gaming library. We even try to get those indie games that are hard to come by so that everyone has a chance to try them out.

Gaming Central is your one stop shop for all your board, card, and RPG game needs. Feel free to help yourself to our extensive game library or bring your own favorites. You can sign up for a game or run one of your own. We are always looking for helpers and game masters, so please email if you are interested.

And let’s not forget about e-gaming for our attendees with the scientific know-how of how to use them. (I usually get confused trying to plug in my gaming system and just give up and watch TV instead, so anyone who can get past that point is a genius to me.) CoreCon’s electronic gaming portal consists of two large rooms packed with a variety of games ranging from classic titles like Pacman and Double Dragon to modern hits like Left 4 Dead and Super Smash Bros. Throughout the weekend, you can play any game of your choosing from our large library of games, participate in tournaments, or try to tackle some of our 8-Bit Bounties for instant prizes. We also have a room fully furnished and dedicated for Artemis crews. Any questions, feedback, or suggestions can be sent to

We welcome all games and gamers and hope you have a great time at the convention!

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