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CoreCon 11 Charity: The Cat’s Cradle Shelter

CoreCon is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that exists because of donations and volunteers. So why do we donate to other charities? It’s because we love supporting our community! We are a group of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Anime, and Horror lovers, but we also love making the world a better place!

We have always contributed to local charities, and this year, we are helping the Cat’s Cradle Shelter. But don’t worry! You don’t have to be a cat lover to want to help. Even if you are a dog, bird, or dragon lover, you can still see that the work they do is important. Yes, we all know that cats are trying to take over the world, but the Cat’s Cradle Shelter helps by keeping them off the streets (and closely monitored for criminal activity.) They are also a no-kill shelter and work hard to ensure healthy animals are not put to sleep.

CoreCon has deemed the Cat’s Cradle Shelter worthy of treasures not only for their good work but for the information they provide to the community about cat health and care tips. Proceeds from the silent auction and other fundraising from 2019 will go to this charity. Please support our endeavor to make our area a better place to live.

You can read about the Cat’s Cradle Shelter at their site:

The Cat’s Cradle Shelter Mission

Their mission is to create a more humane and compassionate world, one cat at a time. They rescue, care for, protect, and place cats for adoption in loving lifelong homes and work to prevent abuse, neglect, and cruelty to animals by educating the citizens of the community in the proper and humane care of not only cats but all animals.

Who They Are

The Cat’s Cradle Shelter is a no-kill shelter of rescued cats and kittens. Their residents live in colonies of 6-10 cats in individual units based on compatibility. They are cared for by a core group of shelter volunteers. Young kittens are frequently fostered in private homes where they get 24-hour care and lots of love and attention. Form there, they go to their furr-ever homes. The Cat’s Cradle Shelter is currently funded 100% by donations, fundraising, and adoption fees.

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