Tips From The Accessibility Head

My name is Nora Ruth, and I am the Accessibility chair at CoreCon for 2019. I am disabled myself and put together a guide with five of my tips for making the con as enjoyable as possible with access barriers.

1. Hydration. Hydration, hydration, hydration! Even if you’re able-bodied, staying hydrated is important when enjoying a convention! When you’re busy with panels, video gaming, or just hanging out with friends, remember to stay hydrated! The convention is so much more enjoyable without worrying about being dehydrated. Also, food! Have snacks and meals! Don’t try to live the entire weekend on Pocky and Hi-Chew. 😉

2. Use the Quiet Room! We offer a quiet room if you just need a break from the convention. The convention can just get completely overwhelming, especially if you’re autistic or have anxiety disorders. And that’s okay! We have a room where you can take a time out and reset yourself. Taking breaks is very important; you don’t want to completely deplete your stamina meter after all!

3. Take your medications! Sometimes with the chaos of the convention, remembering to take necessary medicine can be hard. But they’re important to your health and well being, and they will help you enjoy CoreCon the best you can. Yes, I know this seems like I’m stating the obvious, but sometimes the chaos of the convention can make you forget.

4. Cosplay! It’s okay if you have to modify your cosplay in order to adapt to your disability. I cosplay Sarah Farron from Final Fantasy XIII. I can’t safely wear the style of shoes she wears, so I adapted my outfit to meet my needs. You’re still a good and valid cosplayer, even if you have to modify your cosplay in order to accommodate your disability.

5. Talk to the staff! We want to help you, and we can’t help if we don’t know what your needs are. Do you have a specific concern or something that would make CoreCon more accessible? Let CoreCon staff know! Send an email to, and we can do our best to make CoreCon as safe and accessible as possible.

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