Buermann Presents Family Quest Knight

On November 18th beginning at 4 PM, Paradox Comics-n-Cards will host Buermann Presents Family Quest Knight, a board gaming event with a goal of exposing kids and non-gamers to “Gateway Games.”

Over forty games will be available and categorized based on the target age group. You can choose any game to play with your friends and family, and if you don’t have enough people, fear not! The flag system will help you find others to game with. Just flip the flag to red if you are full or green if you are looking for more.

In addition to board games, feel free to enjoy:

  • An activities table – This will be set up for younger children who are not interested in board games or simply get bored when their parents are not ready to leave yet.
  • A superhero backdrop – Adults and children alike can take pictures in front of the backdrop. Feel free to dress up as your favorite super villain or hero!
  • The Painted Knight Contest – Once you win The Quest, you will be given a handcrafted resin knight to take to the activities table and give a fresh paint job. Submit it to the contest to win some board games!
  • Some prizes and swag from CoreCon (Supplies are limited. More details to come soon.)
  • The Paradox Sale – Coupons will be given away at the event, but Paradox will also be running a great sale throughout the day.
  • Handmade Souvenirs – It wouldn’t be a Buermann Presents event without some exclusive items handmade by them!

Throughout the day, hosts will sit at the end of specified tables to lead players through the games. This ensures that new gamers do not need to be fully acquainted with any complicated rules to have a great time. Some games that will be highlighted include:

  • The Resident DM’s Fantasy Adventure – This is a freeform RPG tabletop game and made up on the fly. This will show how easy it is to get into tabletop gaming and how much you can learn about someone once you unlock their imagination.
  • Run For Your Lives, Candyman – This is Candyland but with fighting! Your character is represented by a real edible gingerbread cookie. This is a great gateway game because it takes something familiar and adds to it.
  • Mysterium – This gateway game mixes Clue with Dixit. Your family will take on the roles of mediums as you try to solve the ghost’s murder. You must find who, where, and with what she was killed using visions as clues.
  • Robot Turtles – This is an educational game for children. It teaches basic coding concepts and problem-solving to four-year-olds.
  • The Quest – Complete the quest and save the day to earn a knight for the painting contest.
  • Stipulations – A great game for adults and kids. Similar to Apples to Apples, one player will be the judge while everyone else has dry erase boards. The judge will select a card and reveal something amazing that has happened to them while everyone else writes down negative stipulations to their good fortune. Whoever comes up with the worst stipulation gets a point.

Hosted Games Schedule

4-5 PM

  • Table 1: Robot Turtles
  • Table 2: Miscellaneous
  • Table 3: The Quest

5-6 PM

  • Table 1: Run for your Lives, Candyman!
  • Table 2: Mysterium
  • Table 3: The Quest
  • Table 4: Resident DM will take your group through a fantasy adventure

7-8 PM

  • Table 1: Stipulations
  • Table 2: Mysterium
  • Table 3: Resident DM will take your group through a fantasy adventure

8-10 PM – Prize giveaway, though you can continue gaming until ten.


The cost for all this magical awesomeness is $7 for adults and $5 for kids 8-17. It’s totally free for anyone under 7. (Or anyone older with a really, REALLY good disguise!)

Check out the Facebook page and event for more details. We hope to see you there!


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