Assemble your crew! Start training now!

Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator is the game we’ve all been waiting for since we fired up the Atari after watching an episode of Star Trek: TOS or any of its descendants. Five computer stations represent duty stations of the ship that need to be filled to complete the missions, plus a Captain to make it all work in unison. The stations are: Captain, Communications, Science, Engineering, Weapons and Helm. CoreCon is going to have two rooms dedicated to running Artemis, meaning two crews can run through missions at the same time, either in separate sectors or cooperating on the same mission!  Performance through the weekend will be documented and near the end of CoreCon the two highest ranking crews will go head to head, Artemis vs. Artemis! All your crew (5 – 6 members) will need is your bodies and starship skills. We provide training for newbies, come check it out!

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