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Category Archives: guests

youtube bannerCoreCon has some great panels and guests every year. So many in fact that there is no way a person can attend them all. It’s okay though because our AV team has the talent, the equipment and the drive to cover almost every panel. 2016 Opening Ceremonies, 2016 Costume ContestCurse Like A Pyrate: 2016 With Paul St Peter, Pirates in Literature: 2016 with Terri PrayPutting the Sizzle in the Scene: 2016 with Terri Pray (18+) are a few of the panels from CoreCon VIII: On Ancient Seas that have been edited and are ready to view. More are on the way. Read More »

Overcoming stage fright to follow your dreams of acting is tough for anyone. One of our guests did just that to become one of the miraculous role models she cosplays as. Read More »

Movies bring people together. With all of the different genres, it’s hard to find something not to have a favorite. Now meet a man who takes it a step further. Read More »