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youtube bannerCoreCon has some great panels and guests every year. So many in fact that there is no way a person can attend them all. It’s okay though because our AV team has the talent, the equipment and the drive to cover almost every panel. 2016 Opening Ceremonies, 2016 Costume ContestCurse Like A Pyrate: 2016 With Paul St Peter, Pirates in Literature: 2016 with Terri PrayPutting the Sizzle in the Scene: 2016 with Terri Pray (18+) are a few of the panels from CoreCon VIII: On Ancient Seas that have been edited and are ready to view. More are on the way.

Did you know that the space pirate from CoreCon VIII: On Ancient Seas is also the Video Department head for CoreCon? Dave also wrote the opening ceremonies script for 2016 and edited the footage from the guests and panels. We have a pretty solid team. A second Dave runs audio. A third Dave does lighting. Dante helps with cameras and lights (and may change his name to Dave). And Amy “Vuke” liked the first Dave so much, she married him and became Mrs. Dave.


The videos added to the YouTube channel look great now. You may remember the years we had footage from flip phones. Professional lighting and high-quality cameras definitely make a difference.

While we are still working out some issues, (shout out to the sound people), some wonderful content has been captured for everyone to enjoy.


Subscribe to Fargo CoreCon on the YouTube channel and as videos are added, you will get notified. You can relive your favorite panel or finally get to see what others were talking about. This is great for the many Inner Core members and volunteers who sacrificed seeing them live so the convention would run smoothly.

THANK YOU, AV TEAM! We are enjoying all of your hard work.

Subscribe to Fargo CoreCon YouTube channel.

2016 Opening Ceremonies

2016 Costume Contest

Curse Like A Pyrate: 2016 With Paul St Peter

2015 Voltaire Concert (18+ CoreCon After Dark)

2015 The Worst Gaming Group plays D&D (Hilariously put on by the Kamikaze Snowmen with Tongue and Geek Comedy)





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